Legend Films is a leading digital production studio that specializes in using proprietary technology to create new value from existing entertainment properties. Founded in 2001 and led by a management team with unique expertise in digital entertainment and skilled stereographers who have been rated the best in the business, Legend uses patented technology to convert film, television, advertising, online and mobile content from 2D to 3D.

Legend has completed 3D conversions for Warner Bros., Hewlett Packard, M&M Mars, the Michael Jackson Tour and MTV, and recently entered into a partnership with Screenvision, the leading provider of in-theater advertisements, to convert ads from 2D to 3D for their advertising clients.

In May, Legend created the first digital 3D ad ever to appear in movie theaters, entitled "Skittles Transplant," for M&M Mars. Also leading the charge in 3D television, Legend worked on the 3D conversion of the opening credits and interstitials for the Super Bowl episode of Chuck, the first television show to air in 3D.

Legendís patented 3D conversion process allows for precise budgeting and on-time delivery with no cost overages. Because of the sophistication of the Legend Films process, the creative talent of its stereographers and its decades of experience with special effects, Legendís pricing is a fraction of the cost of other conversion companies.

The final product is a fully realized digital print of a quality equal to projects shot in 3D, which can be used for film, television, DVD or the Internet where enabled. In side by side tests with other conversion companies, Legend Films has been rated the highest quality in the industry.