About Us

Legend 3D’s patented 2D to 3D conversion technology seamlessly enhances filmmakers’ storytelling, deepening their connections with audiences through pixel perfect™ 3D. Legend 3D’s conversion process integrates sophisticated technology with skilled artistry, offering filmmakers incredible flexibility to create an immersive 3D experience for the audience.

Legend 3D’s patented technology is constantly evolving to provide filmmakers, studios and brands customizable and cost-effective conversion of movies, television, advertisements and mobile content from 2D to 3D.

With close to 1,000 global employees, headquarters in San Diego, a flagship office in Los Angeles, a dedicated R&D facility and an owned and operated studio in Patna, India, Legend 3D’s resources are poised to help filmmakers bring the 3D experience to audiences.

Legend 3D has partnered with Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Hewlett Packard, M&M Mars, the Michael Jackson Tour, MTV, and is currently under contract for multi-picture deals with several Hollywood studios, including DreamWorks Animation, to bring 3D entertainment to consumers across all platforms.
Legend 3D performed the most intricate portions of the 3D conversion on the hit Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland. Legend 3D created the first digital 3D ad ever to appear in movie theaters, entitled "Skittles Transplant," for M&M Mars. Legend 3D also converted into 3D the opening credits and interstitials for the Super Bowl episode of “Chuck,” the first television show to air in 3D.

Legend 3D is rapidly becoming the 3D access point for Filmmakers, Studios and Library Holders.