Job: Asset Manager

Title: Asset Manager
Location: San Diego

Job Information:

The successful candidate must have experience in VFX production pipelines with a proven ability to devise and implement new processes and industry-proven best practices.  Outstanding communication skills with all levels of the organization are essential.  Nuke scripting experience is ideal, as this person will oversee those compositors responsible for conforming and moving assets between productions.

Key Responsibilities include:
• Defining policies and best practices for importing assets from multiple facilities with different naming conventions, file formats, etc.
• Help to define and create best practices for uniform conversion of assets to conform to Legend 3D’s existing pipeline and procedures, and improve upon them where necessary.
• Identifying inefficient practices and offering improvements to our current processes and procedures
• Managing all incoming and outgoing assets between multiple productions and external clients/facilities
• Design and deploy an efficient and durable asset cataloguing system