Industry-Leading Conversion Process

Legend3D’s conversion method is distinctively unique and offers exclusively valuable benefits to our clients.  The basic process for Legend3D’s conversion methods involves four main processing steps, which are highly adaptable enabling us to meet the specific requirements of each project:

Key Framing

First, a series of “stereo design frames” are identified based on several characteristics. These design frames contain key characters, prominent objects and recurring scenery. Legend3D’s artists create “depth regions” within these key frames, applying a distinct identity to every unique object in each of the design frames of the content.


Next, Legend3D’s proprietary software uses sophisticated pattern and luminance matching algorithms to detect the identified regions as they recur throughout the material being converted. Legend3D meticulously identifies and “masks” every object in every frame so that depth and volume can be given to each object.

Depth Application

Once each frame has been accurately mapped and every object correctly identified, Legend3D’s artists add depth to the objects, giving them lifelike volume and properly positioning them in three-dimensional space. The unique method which Legend3D uses for depth creation provides great creative flexibility for filmmakers and maintains the highest level of quality.

Artifact Removal

As objects are pulled forward from the backdrop of each frame, “artifact” is sometimes created, which refers to the visual abnormalities that are created due to the empty spaces behind objects in a scene’s backdrop that are revealed when they are pulled forward in Depth Application.  Legend3D’s artists use exclusive methods in the most appropriate of several options to remove any artifact that is created.