Working with Legend3D

The 2D-to-3D conversion process is new to many in the motion picture industry and it is vital to have a conversion partner working with you every step of the way to provide advice, support, and input in order to guarantee that the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.  This collaborative partnership is what Legend3D offers to each of our clients.  Legend3D leverages the combined experience and expertise of our industry-leading management, production, and artists and maintains close working relationships with our clients throughout the project’s development to ensure that the highest quality output is delivered.  Legend3D’s strategic and rapid growth has provided us with the capacity to complete any project on a guaranteed schedule, and our extensive experience working with a variety of content styles enables us to readily adapt our proprietary processes to meet the specific requirements of each project and client. Every project is effectively managed to complement the client’s existing workflow and seamlessly align with the client’s current methods.

Advantages to the Legend3D Conversion Process

In many instances, it is less expensive on new productions to have Legend3D convert 2D content into 3D rather than to shoot the project in native 3D.  The native 3D capture process requires reliance on costly and cumbersome camera equipment and a 3D set-up is often impractical or impossible to use in some shooting environments. Using 3D conversion techniques, directors are relieved of these burdens and limitations.  3D conversion also grants them the ability to adjust the dimensional effects as a post-production process with excellent shot-to-shot consistency enabling them to complement and effectively highlight the dramatic intent of the story.  Legend3D enables filmmakers to shoot their films in the native 2D manner to which they are accustomed and serves as a creative partner providing flexibility and confidence for directors looking to enhance their content by adding a 3D element.  Several prominent filmmakers have publicly advocated that conversion is a preferable alternative to filming in native 3D.  Legend3D works with our clients at every step of the project combining the high quality and project efficiency made possible by Legend3D’s proprietary software tools and methodologies with the expert creative skills and talents of our artists.