Our Work

Below are some selected examples of our work at Legend3D. We have worked on the 3D conversion of blockbusters released by the elite major studios, creatively partnering with clients who demand the highest quality 3D.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Walt Disney Pictures
Legend3D was excited to take on a challenge of matching the client’s native 3D in quality, shape, and depth to create this flawless transition, thereby creating a seamless experience for the moviegoer.

Screen Gems
Our ability to quickly respond and adapt to the needs of the parties involved, while maintaining our concurrent workflow on one of Hollywood’s other largest 2011 summer blockbusters, was challenging.

The Green Hornet
Columbia Pictures
This 2011 film adaptation of the 1930’s iconic radio broadcast of these two heroic characters was not only a challenge to work on, but also a fun project as well.

DreamWorks Animation
This film was a major milestone for Legend3D. When we first learned that we had been awarded the conversion for all three of these movies consecutively over a six-month period we thought, ‘Wow’!

Shrek 2
DreamWorks Animation
We indulged in the creative process and subsequently built advances within our pipeline which sped up our production and shortened the overall timeline.

Shrek the Third
DreamWorks Animation
By completing all three films before the scheduled deadline, we not only proved to ourselves that anything is possible, but we also proved to the industry that Legend3D is a leader in the industry and a company to be remembered.

Alice in Wonderland
Walt Disney Pictures
A world of whimsical characters and oddly shaped backdrops set the stage for an incredible and very unique series of challenges.