Shrek 2

Still image from "Shrek 2"

DreamWorks Animation

Each sequence within this series of three films came with its own set of issues. We indulged in the creative process and subsequently built advances within our pipeline which sped up our production and shortened the overall timeline. Compensating can sometimes work against you, but with careful planning these series of progression actual helped us to modify each step of an otherwise laborious process. We had to recreate elements from scratch and then repurpose them into our pipeline, creating yet another scenario from which we generated great efficiencies.

Creative Analysis:
“Converting these three feature films in a period of six months could have been a very daunting task. However, we were inspired by the challenge and dove right in with both hands, from both a creative and technical vantage point. There wasn’t anything that our dedicated crew, and the creative directors, couldn’t accomplish on this film and we are thrilled that the results have been met with such fantastic industry reaction. The finished product to me is some of the most beautiful 3D that I have seen.” Cyrus Gladstone, Stereographer

Film Credits:
Directors: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon
Cast: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
Release Date: May 19, 2004

Legend3D Credits:
Senior Stereographer: Barry Sandrew
Visual Effects Supervisors: Tony Baldridge, Jared Sandrew
Stereographers: Cyrus Gladstone, Vince Niebla, Colin Yu, Glenn Osgood
Producers: Chris Longo, Matt Akey, Sabrina Arnold
Stereo Re-release Date: December 6, 2010