Job: Manager, Statistical Analysis

Title: Manager, Statistical Analysis
Location: San Diego

Job Information:

This position is responsible for gathering, analyzing and reporting a variety of reports on the efficiency of our post-production operation through workflow analysis, project costs and time, and scenario analysis. This position will focus on gathering information on production costs, labor hours, and production output and using this information to generate statistical reports for use by company management.  This position includes the creation of a database(s) to collect, track and report key measurements through the use of data mining techniques, data analysis and statistical reporting.

Position Responsibilities

  • Determine the appropriate sources of data including database(s), data elements and/or statistical and reporting methodology to utilize.
  • Provide reporting that is used to drive workforce performance, increase productivity, and enhance efficiency.
  • Review data and analyze results regularly to ensure data integrity, opportunities for improvement.
  • Manage the gathering and reporting of labor hours and production output for consistency and accuracy in reports.
  • Initiate research and analysis of issues, problems, and identify opportunities for
  • Develop and maintain standard reporting measures, quantitative explanation of relevant data, and ongoing analysis of alternatives and solutions.
  • Assist in preparation of project job costing and bids for future work.

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistical analysis or finance and a minimum of 5 years related experience.  An MBA is preferred.  In depth knowledge and knowledge of statistical analysis and database management techniques used within business is required.  Additional requirements include proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and related software.

In this role, the successful candidate must possess strong analytical and organizational skills, ability to operate in a fast paced environment and manage time effectively and be able to work well in a dynamic environment.

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