Job: Pipeline Technical Director

Title: Pipeline Technical Director
Location: San Diego

Job Information:

The role of our Pipeline Technical Director will be to help continue the development of Legend 3D’s production pipeline.  The Pipeline TD will assist in the on-going development of the rendering pipeline and work within a variety of third-party packages to implement production tools for 3D and 2D artists to use on specific shows across the facility.  The Pipeline TD is responsible for the integration of scripted tools with existing in-house tools and code base, the creation of documentation and tutorials for tools and integrations, and the customization of existing scripted tools to suit the needs of the studio, projects, and artists.  The Pipeline TD will be responsible for recommending improvements to existing workflows or new workflows that will improve productivity or communication.  The Pipeline TD will work with artists, leads, and supervisors to understand day to day production workflow needs and develop tools accordingly.  Therefore, the ability to prioritize production needs and communicate effectively is critical. 

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 4 years of experience in VFX production; strong programming and scripting experience is a must (python, pearl, etc); excellent communication and organizational skills; creative problem solving skills; an even keel to deal with high pressure and deadlines.  A degree in Computer Science is preferred.