About Us

Legend3D, Inc., is a leading digital media technology company that specializes in using its proprietary image processing technology and artistry to create greater value from entertainment assets for its clients. Legend3D’s technology enables the conversion of motion pictures, television shows, advertisements and other visual entertainment assets produced in 2D into 3D with a result that rivals, and in some cases exceeds, the quality of native 3D content. The market for 3D conversion and content has recently experienced rapid growth and Legend3D has become the largest and most experienced provider in the nascent 2D-to-3D conversion industry.

Led by a management team with unique expertise in digital entertainment and skilled stereographers, Legend3D has quickly developed a stellar reputation among leading motion picture studios and content providers for delivering high-quality conversions on time and on budget. Legend3D’s flexible 2D-to-3D conversion process is scalable, efficient and highly customizable enabling us to provide effective creative solutions and meet the needs of each client’s specific requirements. This process is under constant refinement as we further develop and enhance its adaptability and efficiency to ensure that the highest level of technical and creative precision is always maintained. Legend3D’s advanced software uses complex algorithms and proprietary tools for 2D-to-3D conversion providing the highest-quality 3D conversion in the industry.

Other Legend3D Businesses

In addition to our 3D conversion services, Legend3D, Inc. supports an additional division of the company, focused primarily on bringing new life to classic films.  Legend Films Home Entertainment Division, offers a large catalog of classic entertainment that has been restored and colorized from its original black-and-white format and made available on DVD format.  You can learn more at www.legendfilms.com

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