Stereo Works™ is a new business division that supports Legend3D’s high-quality 3D conversion work by leveraging the company’s proprietary technologies to address a variety of stereoscopic issues faced by today’s studios. Stereo Works expands our ability to work with film studios to support high-end VFX projects and overcome common native stereo hurdles, both as a part of and in addition to 2D-to-3D conversion.

Utilizing a highly skilled and innovative team, Stereo Works provides a full range of Stereoscopic services such as native stereo repair to address camera anomalies, lens refraction and reflection issues as well as Stereoscopic Compositing of CG elements, Rotoscope, Rig, Artifact, and Element Removal, Matchmove, Color Matching, and Asset Deliveries. The division also supports 2D plate corrections for Stereo Conversion and Compositing converted elements into native footage, delivering a flawless finished product that conveys the director’s vision and enhances the audience’s experience.

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