September 2012

Legend3D Honored With Gold Stevie® Award
HD 3D Guru - Friday, Sep 21 2012
Top Gun 3D details revealed
3D Focus - Wednesday, Sep 19 2012
San Diego Film Festival
The Westin Gaslamp Quarter


Legend3D is the largest 3D conversion company in the US and is headquartered in San Diego.

Over the past two years Legend3D has worked with studios like Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Warner Brothers and Sony Imageworks. You’ve experienced their fantastic work in films like Alice in Wonderland, Shrek 1, 2 & 3, Priest, The Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Ghost Rider, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shores, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, and Spiderman. The executives at Legend3D will detail what filmmakers need to know about shooting 3D and what exciting changes are anticipated for 3D in theaters and in your living room.

  • Barry B. Sandrew Ph.D,    Legend 3D Founder CCO/CTO
  • Tony Baldridge    Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Jared Sandrew     Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Jill Hunt     Stereographer
  • Cyrus Gladstone     Stereographer
  • Moderator     David Hamby
San Diego Film Festival - Tuesday, Sep 18 2012
Legend3D ready to hire ex-Digital Domain workers from Florida
LA Times - Monday, Sep 10 2012
Legend3D Hiring Former Digital Domain Workers
Deadline | Hollywood - Monday, Sep 10 2012

August 2012

Legend3D boosts staff as workload rises
The Daily Transcript - Thursday, Aug 30 2012
3D Vision and the Brain
Psychology Today - Monday, Aug 06 2012

July 2012

Of Spider-Man Movies and Other 3D Thrillers
Psychology Today - Tuesday, Jul 24 2012
Legend3D Steps Up 2D-to-3D
TV Technology - Monday, Jul 23 2012

June 2012

Inside Legend3D
The Daily Transcript - Wednesday, Jun 27 2012
Legend 3D scopes opportunities in China
Variety - Tuesday, Jun 26 2012
Rorke Data and Legend3D Team Up to Bring Award-Winning 3D Action to the Big Screen
Business Wire - Wednesday, Jun 20 2012

May 2012

Legend3D expands with vfx division
Variety - Monday, May 14 2012
Legend3D named a Finalist in The 2012 American Business Awards
The American Business Awards - Thursday, May 10 2012
Art of Stereo Conversion: 2D to 3D – 2012
fxguide - Tuesday, May 08 2012
Converting 2D to 3D
Post Magazine (Print) - Tuesday, May 01 2012

April 2012

Laura Peters interviews Barry Sandrew, Founder, Legend3D
Digital Production BuZZ - Monday, Apr 30 2012
Legend3D Appoints Ex-Miramax Int’l Boss Ian Jessel As President
Deadline | Hollywood - Tuesday, Apr 17 2012
Legend3D Opens Its Doors at Hollywood Center Studios
Yahoo! Finance - Monday, Apr 02 2012

March 2012

Legend3D creates 2D to 3D conversion solution for broadcast
3D Focus - Tuesday, Mar 27 2012
Legend3D Appoints New Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
PR Newswire - Wednesday, Mar 07 2012

February 2012

Reflections on the Growth of 3D
Legend3D - Thursday, Feb 23 2012
Legend3D Provides 3D Conversion for 2012 Best Visual Effects Oscar Nominees
Reuters - Monday, Feb 06 2012

January 2012

CES Partner Spotlight: Legend3D's Barry Sandrew
MasterImage 3D Blog - Wednesday, Jan 11 2012

December 2011

Legend3D had big year working with Hollywood
The Daily Transcript - Friday, Dec 30 2011
'Top Gun 2' to Be Written By 'The Town' Scribe
The Hollywood Reporter - Thursday, Dec 29 2011
Legend3D Selected as Primary 3D Conversion Studio for Martin Scorsese's Stereoscopic Debut: HUGO
Post Magazine - Thursday, Dec 01 2011

October 2011

Part 3: The Science and Future of 3D Films, With Legend3D Founder, COO and CTO Dr. Barry Sandrew
Forbes - Thursday, Oct 27 2011
Part 2: The Science and Future of 3D Films, With Legend3D Founder, COO and CTO Dr. Barry Sandrew
Forbes - Wednesday, Oct 26 2011
Part 1: The Science and Future of 3D Films, With Legend3D Founder, COO and CTO Dr. Barry Sandrew
Forbes - Tuesday, Oct 25 2011
Legend3D - Winner 2011 3D Film Festival Best Commercial Award
3D Film Festival - Monday, Oct 10 2011

September 2011

'Lion King' success: Should Hollywood fall back in love with 3D?
The Christian Science Monitor - Monday, Sep 26 2011
3-D makeover coming to aging Hollywood blockbusters
Los Angeles Times - Sunday, Sep 25 2011
'Top Gun' Coming to Theaters in 3D
The Hollywood Reporter - Monday, Sep 12 2011

August 2011

Who's Tougher? Legend3D talks 'Smurfs' vs. 'Transformers'
Post Magazine - Wednesday, Aug 24 2011
Legend3D Delivers Majority of 2D-to-3D Stereo Conversion on The Smurfs for Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation
Wednesday, Aug 17 2011
Legend3D Contributes to 2D-to-3D Conversion for The Smurfs
Thursday, Aug 11 2011

July 2011

Legend3D Sets the Transformers 2D-3D Conversion Record Straight
indiefilm3D, Valentina I. Valentini - Sunday, Jul 24 2011
Biz crosses blurry line on 'true 3D'
Variety, David S. Cohen - Tuesday, Jul 19 2011
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Brings 3D Back From the Dead
“With Michael Bay delivering on his promise to help solve the “dimming” issue (the problem of 3D glasses diminishing the brightness of the colors and imagery) and delivering on an unspoken but understood promise to blow our minds with the best entry in the Transformers series, I can only assume that those who so quickly declared 3D was dead will now — with a new film to define a new trend — announce 3D has come roaring back and 2D must be dead.”

“Now, Transformers: Dark of the Moon can be added to that list of great ones as well. And as an added bonus, Bay gets credit for not only fixing the “dimming” problem in 3D, he also served a big plate of “stop exaggerating already” to anyone convinced 3D was ready to be buried.”
Forbes, Mark Hughes - Friday, Jul 08 2011
'Transformers' grosses $379 mil globally
Par vice chair Rob Moore attributed the declining percentages -- at least, in part -- to the influx of 3D pics. "There are so many 3D releases, audiences now are going to pick and choose which films to see in 3D," Moore said, before adding that the format has become a tool more for event filmmaking. "If the 3D is good, audiences are going to pay for it."
Variety, Andrew Stewart - Monday, Jul 04 2011

June 2011

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Autobots
“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is among Mr. Bay’s best movies and by far the best 3-D sequel ever made about gigantic toys from outer space.  

“But that’s all fine. Really, it is, because Mr. Bay’s lax notions of coherence and plausibility — I’m sorry, I mean his utterly nonexistent notions of coherence and plausibility — are accompanied by a visual imagination that is at once crazily audacious and ruthlessly skillful. Live-action 3-D has been, at least since “Avatar,” a briar patch for filmmakers and a headache for audiences.

“Dark of the Moon” is one of the few recent 3-D movies that justify the upcharge. Mr. Bay clearly enjoys playing with the format, which is also to say that he takes it seriously. A lot of glass and metal comes flying at your head, and you feel surrounded, plunged into a universe governed by new and strange laws of physics. Nothing you see makes any sense at all, but the sensations are undeniable, and kind of fun in their vertiginous, supercaffeinated way.”
New York Times - Wednesday, Jun 29 2011
Legend3D Wins Stevie Award in 9th Annual American Business Awards
The American Business Awards - Tuesday, Jun 21 2011
‘Transformers 3′: Most Incredible 3D Experience Since ‘Avatar’
“Needless to say, Transformers 3 is going to have a lot of sick summer action. But is it worth a 3D ticket price?

Short answer: You don’t want to see this movie any other way.”  

“But technical innovations aside, how does the 3D in Transformers: Dark of the Moon actually look?  In a word: Incredible. Personally speaking, there’s little that I see in film these days that gives me goosebumps. There’s a lot that I enjoy (naturally), but there’s little that gives me actual goosebumps. Without spoiling a thing, there were 3D sequences in the preview that had me shooting right past goosebumps into ‘OMG’ territory. Some of what Michael Bay has constructed is just…impressive. His ambitious and often aggressive style for capturing action in motion maybe the perfect marriage for the 3D medium.”
Screen Rant, Kofi Outlaw - Thursday, Jun 02 2011

May 2011

Studios must revisit d-cinema
Variety - Thursday, May 26 2011
Legend3D Honored for Industry Excellence
CBS MoneyWatch Online - Monday, May 23 2011
Michael Bay Reveals How 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Was Shot in 3D
“But Bay stated that he is now also ‘in love with 3D,’ during a conversation with James Cameron on Wednesday at a packed event at the Paramount lot, co-hosted by the studio and The Hollywood Reporter…There was also a 2D-to-3D conversion budget to make the film “technically perfect,” as well as for shots that were lensed in film.  ‘It is a little more warm when you shoot native 3D … you can do beautiful conversion,’ Bay commented.”
Hollywood Reporter, Carolyn Giardina - Friday, May 20 2011
Stereo 3D
Post Magazine - Sunday, May 01 2011

April 2011

Chat with Variety's David S. Cohen and Barry Sandrew
Variety - Thursday, Apr 28 2011
Strategic Locations, in 3-D
Moving Pictures - Sunday, Apr 03 2011

March 2011

Can 3-D technology save the moviemaking business?
USA Today - Monday, Mar 28 2011
Making the Case for 2D-3D Conversion – Interview with Rob Hummel
Indie Film - Monday, Mar 14 2011
‘How to Deal with Fog in the Foreground’ – Featuring Rob Hummel
Film School Rejects - Friday, Mar 11 2011
Effects Company Specializes in Giving Movies a 3-D Makeover
NPR - Monday, Mar 07 2011

February 2011

San Diego tech companies can’t fill thousands of jobs
San Diego Union-Tribune - Saturday, Feb 12 2011
Legend3D Transforms One of the Most Famous Scenes in History
About Markets - Monday, Feb 07 2011
Legend3D converts scenes for current Hollywood blockbusters
The San Diego Union-Tribune - Sunday, Feb 06 2011
Legend3D conversion tops 3D
3D Hollywood - Tuesday, Feb 01 2011

January 2011

Local Company Leading the Way in 3D
NBC/Channel 4 San Diego - Wednesday, Jan 26 2011
Growing Firm Makes Movie Magic
San Diego Business Journal - Monday, Jan 17 2011
Legend3D converts first 3 “Shreks” to 3D
Variety - Tuesday, Jan 04 2011
Interview with 2D-3D Conversion Expert Dr. Barry Sandrew
3D Focus - Monday, Jan 03 2011
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