Legend3D was brought into this project as a last minute request to finalize a film which was nearing its launch date. Our experienced production team creatively developed a pipeline which flexibly coordinated the efforts of our internal team with that of the current vendors. Our ability to quickly respond and adapt to the needs of the parties involved, while maintaining our concurrent workflow on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, was challenging.  It was never in question or in doubt that we could handle it.

Creative Analysis:
“Utilizing our cutting edge conversion technology, we were able to effectively leverage our proprietary processes to collaborate with the additional vendors that were on this film.  Relying upon our highly flexible R&D team, we were able to continue to find efficiencies within our workflow enabling us to seamlessly match the work generated by multiple vendors across complex Visual Effects shots.” Sabrina Arnold, Legend3D Producer

“'Priest' was a very rewarding show, as the workflow was customized for the challenges at hand. In addition to our traditional conversion, we also had the opportunity to match 2D plates to stereo-rendered CG creatures, which pushed the team to even greater levels both creatively and technically.  We achieved a new level of quality while retaining our philosophy of maintaining the simplicity of our process.”
Jill Hunt, Legend3D Stereographer

Film Credits:
Director: Scott Charles Stewart
Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet
Studio: Screen Gems
Release Date: May 13, 2011

Legend3D Credits:
Senior Stereographer: Barry Sandrew, Ph.D
Lead Stereoscopic Visual Effects Supervisor: Jared Sandrew
Additional Stereoscopic Visual Effects Supervisor: Tony Baldridge
Stereographer: Jill Hunt
Producer: Sabrina Arnold
Compositing Supervisor: Adam Ghering

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