Alice in Wonderland

A world of whimsical characters and oddly shaped backdrops set the stage for an incredible and very unique series of challenges. Alice in Wonderland was Legend3D’s testing ground for many issues, which ranged from extremely bright flyaway hairs, to an intricately complicated mushroom forest, rooms with highly-exaggerated angles and many elaborately staged scenes. Our development teams met each challenge with an unmatched enthusiasm, characterizing Legend3D as a company that truly believes in each job that we’re doing.

Creative Analysis:
“On the work we did for ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ upon Alice’s return to Wonderland, any given frame was filled with atmospherics, surreal environments and an ever-changing image in Alice’s multiple size transformations. It was a munificence of creative mediums that we were able to metamorphosize into an exciting 3D experience.”  Tony Baldridge, Legend3D Visual Effects Supervisor

“‘Alice in Wonderland’ was the solid foundation from which we developed and evolved our highly-refined stereoscopic processes. The dedication of our team, coupled with our commitment to both creative and technical excellence, enabled us able to achieve amazing things within this film, providing us with a canvas from which we could deliver a finished product of the highest quality. Innovations in techniques, which focused on minute details, such as the Mad Hatter’s fly-away hair, were developed along the way, with efficiencies to our pipeline and new advances to our proprietary software.”  Legend3D Stereographer

“‘Alice in Wonderland’ was our first tent pole feature and we were very fortunate to have as our clients, two of the best stereographers in the industry. The dedicated creative partnership that we established with both Rob Engle and Corey Turner on this film continues to deepen across projects, making ‘Alice in Wonderland’ one of our most pivotal and engaging projects.”  Legend3D Producer

Film Credits:
Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Studio: Walt Disney Studios
Release Date: March 5, 2010

Legend3D Credits:
Senior Stereographer: Barry Sandrew, Ph.D
Stereoscopic Visual Effects Supervisor:Tony Baldridge
Stereographers: Cyrus Gladstone, Vince Niebla, Glenn Osgood
Producers: Barry Sandrew, Tony Baldridge, Chris Longo

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