Verizon “Rule All Machines”
A leader in ad content that is cutting edge both in production value (as well as the technology being advertised), Verizon’s “Rule All Machines” ad campaign pitted a futuristic warrior against a series of robot gladiators in a series of battles.  With each robot she defeats, the warrior obtains a key piece of high-end cellular gear and creates the ultimate cell phone experience… the Motorola Droid Bionic.

Creative Analysis:
Legend was given Verizon’s commercial, which featured high-end vfx and CG work, and which was cut for 2D like an action film, and was able to create an entirely new 3D experience with the spot.  Accentuating and enhancing the particle work and large sense of scope in a spot that was not shot or edited for a stereoscopic endgame, the final result is ultimately a proof-of-concept for action sequences and quick cuts working at the highest level in 3D.

Legend3D Credits:
VFX Supervisor:  Jared Sandrew
Stereographer:  James Prola
Producer:  Matt Akey
© Copyright 2011 Legend3D, Inc.