Shrek the Third

Still image from "Shrek 2"

DreamWorks Animation

By completing all three films before the scheduled deadline, we not only proved to ourselves that anything is possible, but we also proved to the industry that Legend3D is a leader in the industry and a company to be remembered. Given our technology and methodology, we were able to make the impossible happen. We feel privileged to be out in front of the growth of 3D, as we develop new theologies, features and processes that will continue to be the driving force for features and catalog titles for years to come.

Creative Analysis:
“Working in a collaborative partnership with Phil ‘Captain 3D’ McNally of DreamWorks Animation enabled us to ensure that the quality of 3D which we created on the first three Shrek films matched the incredibly high and very precise standards of DreamWorks Animation. One of the challenges we faced in working on these films was that the studio no longer had access to any of its original assets. More often than not, we had to create missing elements from scratch. CGI elements can sometimes be much harder to replicate because of the amount of clarity and detail placed in every shot… it is recreating art in motion at 24 frames per second.” Colin Yu, Stereographer

Film Credits:
Directors: Chris Miller, Raman Hui
Cast: Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
Release Date: May 18, 2007

Legend3D Credits:
Senior Stereographer: Barry Sandrew
Visual Effects Supervisors: Tony Baldridge, Jared Sandrew
Stereographers: Cyrus Gladstone, Vince Niebla, Colin Yu, Glenn Osgood
Producers: Chris Longo, Matt Akey, Sabrina Arnold
Stereo Re-release Date: December 6, 2010