Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

The film also brings the Ghost Rider in 3D. “The movie for us was always going to be in 3D, from the very beginning – we love making the movie a more immersive experience. It seemed like a really cool idea, especially with our style of shooting,” says Taylor. “We tried to push the envelope with the technology. The first thing they told us was all the things we couldn’t do – no handheld camera, no quick cuts, no lens flares, no soft foreground, no super-long lenses, no super-wide lenses… and we asked, well, why?” Brian Taylor, Director

“There are rules, and Mark and Brian wanted to break those rules, so it was my job to break them,” says stereographer Craig Mumma. “We wanted to take their style and adapt it to the screen and make 3D an enjoyable experience. The way Mark and Brian shoot, the camera work is an integral part of the movie, almost like another character. There’s no changing the way they shoot, so we had to come up with tools to adapt.” Craig Mumma, Stereographer

Creative Analysis:
"Leveraging our streamlined pipeline and ever-evolving technology, Legend3D was able to seamlessly convert sequences for 'Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance', matching other vendors surrounding shots without pause.  Once again working hand in hand with The Creative Cartel, we were able to quickly establish our pipeline, taking on challenging shots with an ever-encroaching timeline.  By the end of the project, we were able to assist with several sequences, including two stylized motion graphic sequences that had an incredibly tight delivery schedule.  Despite this very challenging timeline, these sequences were extremely rewarding for the Legend3D Team to convert.  We look forward to the next adventure with The Creative Cartel, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures." Sabrina Arnold, Legend 3D Producer
Client stereographer and seasoned VFX supervisor, Craig Mumma, took an open and collaborative approach to working with us which allowed us to infuse our unique Legend3D touch into the project and achieve the client's envisioned results.  On multiple occasions, Craig spoke of his preference for stereo conversion over stereo capture because of the flexibility it provides and the quality that is achieved when it's done correctly.   The exceptional quality of Legend3D's work and our high efficiency led to our being awarded an additional sequence beyond the original scope of our work.  It was particularly rewarding to work on this dramatic sequence which takes the audience through the history of the Ghost Rider and leads to the introduction of the film’s title.  The unique graphic style also left ample room for creative depth treatment.  Iconic heroes such as the 'Ghost Rider' simply belong in 3D!” James Prola, Legend 3D Stereographer
"'Ghost Rider's' depth was designed with an all positive world in mind.  The audience looks through a dimensional window to enjoy the action while lens flares dance outside of the screen.  It's a comfortable way to go as long as you keep the divergence in check.  Overall this creative choice makes for an enjoyable 3D experience because you don't have to worry about edge violation or truncated objects with negative screen parallax." Tony Baldridge, Legend 3D VFX Supervisor
Film Credits:
Directors: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
VFX Supervisor/3D Supervisor: Craig Mumma
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds and Idris Elba
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: February 17, 2012

Legend3D Credits:
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tony Baldridge
Lead Stereographer: James Prola
Producer: Sabrina Arnold
© Copyright 2011 Legend3D, Inc.